Ryan & Rach Photography
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This dynamic photography duo knows weddings inside and out, and not just because they’ve been working together as a husband-and-wife storytelling team for over a decade. Meet Ryan and Rachel Moser, the talented duo behind Ryan & Rach Photography – a Sponsor for this year’s OBXWA Wedding Weekend + Expo!

Their artistry reflects a contemporary style with warm sun-kissed tones and an editorial edge. The couple’s shared love for the art of photography has only grown stronger with time, and they feel so fortunate to have found such a fulfilling and rewarding calling together.

Their advice for when it comes to your wedding photographer is to find someone you really click with. After all, this person will be by your side for a significant portion of your big day, so it’s essential that you enjoy their company and feel comfortable around them!

Ryan & Rach don’t siply label ourselves as photographers. Rather, they consider themselves craftsmen, constantly striving to perfect their art with each passing year. They aim to create authentic and timeless photos that will stand the test of time. We are so thrilled that you get the chance to chat with them at the Expo!