Code of Ethics

As a Member of the Outer Banks Wedding Association, my business shall:

1. Consistently provide to clients and customers quality goods and services that conform to standards which are reasonably expected within the wedding services industry.

2. Accurately and honestly represent to all parties in all professional communications including written, electronic, and verbal, my business’ expertise, qualifications and services.

3. Comply with all business permits and licensing requirements in all municipalities in which I do business; and maintain as current and valid, those required licenses and permits.  Individuals within my business will also hold any required licenses or professional certifications appropriate to their position within the industry in which our business operates.  

4. Consistently serve each and every client fairly and honestly, abiding by what is stated in a clearly written agreement or contract that stipulates all terms, conditions, and charges for goods or services to be delivered.

5. Communicate clearly and accurately with clients, suppliers, and other wedding professionals regarding charges for services, pricing lists, billing and payment options, and any other requirements relating to the goods and services my business offers.

6. Endeavor to resolve all disputes or misunderstandings that may arise in a prompt and professional manner to the best of my ability.  

7. Endeavor to conduct all business with the public, my colleagues, and OBXWA in a manner that avoids any conflict of interest or appearance of conflict of interest.

8. Cooperate with, and make referrals to, other OBXWA members except when such cooperation and referrals is not in the client’s best interest.

9. Refrain from knowingly or recklessly making false or misleading statements about competitors, their businesses or their business practices.

10. Honor the trust, privacy, and confidence of my clients and other OBXWA members by treating information that may be shared in the course of conducting business with the utmost discretion.

11. Treat other OBXWA members, wedding professionals, suppliers and vendors in a professional manner.

12. Respect the intellectual property rights of all OBXWA members, clients, suppliers, and business associates, which include but are not limited to logos, trademarks, copyrights, and will not plagiarize the work of others.

As a Member of the Outer Banks Wedding Association, my Business shall NOT:

13. Be a party to any plans or agreements which unfairly limit or restrain anyone’s access to the marketplace for any reason.

14. Forward, copy, distribute or disseminate to anyone other than OBXWA members, information contained in emails and their attachments that are provided by Outer Banks Wedding Association and intended for the sole use of OBXWA members.

In keeping with the OBXWA Bylaws, I automatically agree to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics by paying membership dues.  I understand that if I have not agreed (clicking "I acknowledge..." on the OBXWA membership webpage) this OBXWA Code of Ethics form within 90 days from the date on my application to join OBXWA, I will be considered a non-member and can be expelled from OBXWA after being given written notice to sign the Code of Ethics Form.